G-SHOCK enters gaming!? Aim for the high score!

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G-SHOCK looks like a flashy gaming device.

G-SHOCK is a tough watch with a 40-year history. Many models have been released so far, and just the other day we introduced the full metal G-SHOCK in a gradient color with a flashy gaming -like color. 

Finally, gaming is the theme!

This time, the "AIM HIGH" series, which is themed on the virtual world of computer games, has finally arrived.

As the name suggests, the concept is to "aim for a high score", and it is mainly inspired by a shooting game.

From the square-shaped standard 5600 series, the " DW-B5600AH-6JF " is priced at 18,700 yen. The analog/digital " GA-B001AH-6AJF " and " GA-2100AH-6AJF " are priced at 20,900 yen. It's in a relatively affordable price range.

How do we express the game?

The way gaming equipment that shines in bright colors is expressed using polarized gradation is an excellent idea. All three types incorporate the circles and frames used for aiming in-game on the dial and LCD screen.




"DW-B5600AH-6JF" and "GA-2100AH-6AJF" are wirelessly connected to a smartphone app via Bluetooth , and double LED lights and auto LED backlights improve visibility in dark places .

Even if you're not a gamer, this coolness will appeal to you.

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