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Seiko Authorized Automatic Watch Dealer in Malaysia

Explore what makes Japanese watches so special with our selection of Seiko automatic watches in Malaysia. Established in 1881 in central japan, Seiko has been consistently producing, selling and repairing watches while showing the quality of Japanese craftsmanship is held at such high regard even after more than 130 years.

Since then, Seiko automatic watches have been widely sought after by both casual watch wearers and professional watch enthusiasts alike, and are used everyday across all facets of life. From the incredible underwater and outdoor durability converted Prospex line for people doing extreme sports, to the timeless and well-crafted designs of the impeccable Presage series for those seeking a watch that gives both beauty and functionality.

Seiko has earned their reputation as one the world’s most trusted brands in the watch industry. Which makes us at Public Watch very happy to be a proud Seiko authorized dealer in Malaysia holding many of their products under the brand, including their series of Seiko wall clocks.

Aside from making sure that you are only walking away happy with genuine Seiko watches, we also pride ourselves on offering the best price deals for Seiko watches in Malaysia. Ensuring that our customers are not only getting a premium-quality watch but also giving them good value for their money.