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Constructed from Green Leaf Certified recycled nylon fishing net resin, our collaborative timepiece is intended to help in the fight against this problem. As a result of our far-sighted design and innovative, sustainable manufacturing we have been able to create this unique, eco-friendly, watch made from recycled fishing nets.
By recycling lost and abandoned fishing nets, we help to reduce the negative impact they have on marine life. Each watch produced will go towards the reduction of fishing net pollution in our Oceans. This will lead, over time, to a healthier and cleaner environment for us and all marine life. 
Our collaborative watch is not just a chance for someone to own a great looking accessory but also to help make a positive impact on the reduction of oceanic pollution.

Alexandre Christie AC2971BFR Chronograph

This unique collection will attract the attention of anyone who has a passion for the Oceans, a greener world, and sustainability.
This series of watches take inspiration from the natural and beautiful colours of our Oceans. These eye-catching, statement pieces, are available in 8 colourways, from the deepest ocean blue to the tranquil pastel tones of surf breaking on the sand with the vibrant turquoise of tropical waters and burnt orange of coral adding further colour enrichment to the range.

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