Seiko Presage Cocktail Time for Women

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The newest additions to our women's Presage Cocktail Time collection feature three exquisite dials reminiscent of cocktails, embellished with eight diamonds placed at the hour markers. These watches also boast a vintage-inspired rounded box glass, making them among the most sophisticated and elegant offerings in our lineup.


    • SRE007
  • This model takes its inspiration from the Sky Diving cocktail, and the dial's gentle texture evokes the foam of a freshly crafted drink.

  • This particular design draws its inspiration from the classic Clover Club cocktail, featuring an elegant combination of a white dial complemented by the graceful touch of pink gold hands and indexes.

  • This particular model draws its inspiration from the classic White Lady cocktail, with its remarkable light gold dial, indices, hands, and bracelet that exude elegance and allure.


      • Dial
    • The dial exudes a sense of novelty and refinement, evoking the essence of distinct cocktails through its meticulously crafted, sculpted, and lacquered finish. Multiple layers of a transparent coating are meticulously applied to the dial, after which it undergoes precise polishing, resulting in a stunningly radiant appearance. Furthermore, the addition of eight diamonds on the indexes introduces an element of opulent elegance to the wristwear.

        • Case
      • Preserving the timeless elegance of the Cocktail Time design, including the iconic box-shaped glass, pointed hour markers, and hour and minute hands, the latest iteration showcases a more petite 30mm case, making it the ideal choice for a sophisticated women's dress watch.

          • Strap
        • Whether you find yourself in a dimly lit speakeasy or any other setting, the mirror-finished five-row metal bracelet on this timepiece exudes a brilliant shine that's sure to catch the eye. Designed for both elegance and practicality, it boasts a convenient clasp that ensures effortless wearability, making this latest Cocktail Time watch a choice you'll frequently opt for, even on those special occasions.






              Whether you're sipping cocktails in a chic speakeasy or attending a special event, the mirror-finished five-row metal bracelet on these watches is sure to dazzle. Its blend of elegance and practicality ensures comfortable wear, and you'll find yourself reaching for these timepieces time and again.

              Elevate your style and make a statement of refined taste. Explore our Presage Cocktail Time collection today and indulge in the allure of timeless craftsmanship. Cheers to elegance, sophistication, and the art of horology. Visit our store now to find the perfect watch for your wrist.

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