[EDIFICE SEPT 2023] ECB-40MU-1A x MUGEN Brand Collaboration

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A compelling collaboration between EDIFICE and MUGEN has birthed a coveted high-performance motorsport watch. The EDIFICE MUGEN EDITION proudly showcases the iconic MUGEN brand, renowned worldwide for its expertise in crafting racing engines and aftermarket components for Honda vehicles.

This exceptional timepiece boasts a vibrant palette of four brand colors – white, red, gold, and black – adorning the dial, band, and band loop. Notably, the band incorporates the enduring Alcantara material, famed for its comfort and durability, embellished with MUGEN's signature "Eye Commander" symbol. Every facet exudes meticulous craftsmanship, from the bezel featuring MUGEN's font to the minute display.

Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced resin, the watchcase marries strength with resilience, inspired by the four-arm arrangement reminiscent of formula car suspension lugs.

The Smart Link functionality seamlessly synchronizes the watch with a nearby smartphone, ensuring precise timekeeping and convenient access to world time, alarms, and other functions through the smartphone app. A Super Illuminator casts a radiant glow on the watch hands and digital display, while the sapphire crystal guards against unsightly scratches.




Established in 1973 by HONDA Hirotoshi, the oldest son of Honda Motor Company founder HONDA Soichiro. In addition to participating in professional races in Japan and worldwide with its Team Mugen, the brand engages in a broad range of motorsports-related activities. These include designing, developing, producing, assembling and selling race car engines and motors, developing carbon composite components, and developing, producing and selling tuning parts and accessories, mainly for four-wheeled vehicles. Since 2003, M-TEC Co., Ltd. has taken on much of the business operations for the MUGEN brand, which is commemorating its 50th anniversary in 2023.



  • Striking and distinctive dial design that prominently showcases MUGEN's signature colors.
    • The entire watch's aesthetic is a vibrant representation of MUGEN's brand palette, incorporating white, red, gold, and black. This color scheme is exceptionally impactful, instantly conveying the brand's identity. The bold visual effect is evident in the three colored bars spanning the center of the black dial, the tips of the hour and minute hands, the red segment within the inset dial, as well as the embedded elements within the index markers and dial. Positioned at 3 o'clock, the MUGEN logo adds a distinct and exclusive touch to this collaborative model's appearance.


  • The bezel engraving utilizes the same font found on MUGEN shift knobs, precisely replicated using typeface data directly provided by MUGEN.
    • The engraving on the bezel showcases a font identical to the one used on MUGEN shift knobs, and this accuracy is achieved by employing the authentic typeface data supplied directly by MUGEN.


  • Band crafted from Alcantara material, embodying the essence of MUGEN.
    • The band is skillfully constructed using Alcantara, a material renowned for its utilization in MUGEN race car seats. Beyond its aesthetic appeal and plush texture, this material boasts exceptional durability, breathability, and ease of maintenance. Emblazoned on the band are the MUGEN POWER and Eye Commander logos, serving as symbolic representations of the MUGEN spirit. Furthermore, the band is adorned with three-color stitching, mirroring the brand's distinctive colors. These MUGEN colors and logo also adorn the double band loop, a fusion of leather and metal.

(Please note that Alcantara is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A.)


  • Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Resin Case with Suspension Arm Design
    • Drawing inspiration from the dual wishbone suspension system found in high-performance race cars, which employs pairs of upper and lower forked arms for stability, the attachment points (lugs) connecting the watch bands to the case are ingeniously crafted in a four-arm configuration. To achieve a perfect blend of durability and weight reduction, the case material of choice is carbon fiber-reinforced resin.


    In sum, this exceedingly exclusive and specialized timepiece stands as a dedicated homage to MUGEN enthusiasts worldwide.

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