Casio G-Shock MTG-B3000CXD-9ADR Dragon

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MTG-B3000CXD-9A Dragon




The innovative structural beauty of MT-G watches is achieved by combining resin and metal into original designs. This new MTG-B3000 special model was created to celebrate the start of the year 2024.

The bezel and band loop are etched and laser machined to produce a finish resembling dragon scales. This is then given a luxurious gold-colored ion-plated (IP) coating. A scale pattern is also printed on the dial of the watch. The back cover of this model is engraved with the powerful image of a rising dragon.

The latest addition to the MT-G lineup is the MTG-B3000, with a dual-core guard structure that protects it with a carbon fiber-reinforced resin case and encases the outside of the watch with metal parts.

This model's stainless steel back cover is pressed, cut, and polished into a complex three-dimensional configuration. An innovative structure and design allow the lugs that secure the bands, crown, and button guards to be incorporated into the back cover. A thin multi-function module makes it possible to reduce the case thickness to 12.1 mm (back cover to bezel).

In terms of functionality, the watch uses Bluetooth® to connect with the CASIO WATCHES app running on your smartphone to acquire time information. Other practical features include MULTIBAND 6, Tough Solar, and high-brightness LED light illumination. 

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