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Pastel shades have rose in popularity in recent years and have infiltrated every element of fashionable styling. They add a cheerful and feminine touch to any accessory.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to 15 pastel watches to help you find the perfect pastel accessory to add to your collection.
If you hope to add some lovely element for any occasion with small bursts of these pretty colours, keep reading this article!



↓ Watches under RM200 

Skechers SR6172
This girlish pinky watch has water resistant up to 50 meters, meaning it can withstand swimming and cold showers, definitely just perfect for outdoor and leisure activity.
Skechers SR6182
This versatile watch with white silicone sporty comfortable strap and durable gloss finish plastic case has water resistant up to 50 meters.

Q&Q VS12
A watch that looks very stylish when worn on the wrist, and also has a water resistant up to 100 meters.
Q&Q VS13
This simple and elegant watch also has a 100-meter water resistance, which is especially suitable for students!
Q&Q VS66
Another trending colour that goes well with clothes - taro purple! It has 100-meter water resistance and is suitable for swimming and snorkelling!

G-Shock GMA-S2100

The GMA-S2100 is a smaller version of the bestselling “CasiOak”(GA-2100) with colour schemes aimed at women. The dimensions are 46.2 x 42.9 x 11.2 millimetres, which beats the GA-2100 for the slimmest current G-Shock watch. The white with silver markers design perfectly created a minimalist look.
G-Shock GM-S5600PG
This classic square watch with rose gold IP metal bezels is designed for unisex use and has a minimalist style with an uncluttered face and no logos on the bezel.
G-Shock GMA-S140M
The GMA-S140M series offers black, blush pink and white options with metallic markers in gold, rose gold, and purple, respectively. These watches are smaller S Series models based on the G-Shock GA-140.
G-Shock GMA-S120MF
Featuring monotone matte colours with metallic-accented faces, it brings a simple yet stylish look.

Equipped with a shock-resistant structure and 100-meter water resistance and featuring unique designs and colour variations with ample feminine appeal, BABY-G is the watch for every woman who chooses an active and fashionable lifestyle.
Baby-G BA-130
Do you think that the combination of pink and metallic hues of the face parts bring a bright and refreshing look? The masculine case design combines with the feminine metallic colours definitely go very great with street fashions.
Baby-G BA-110
This is just the thing to go with gorgeous and colourful fashions! The matte finish materials of the case and band create a subdued image which is very suitable for active women of today.
Baby-G BA-130WP
Girls, keep your cool with an icy pastel take on the ever-popular mannish BA-130 design with oversized case. Shock-resistant construction and water resistance up to 100 meters deliver the durable practicality you demand – all wrapped in soft hues that quench your thirst for cool, casual style.
Baby-G BG-169M
This new digital display lineup features brilliant feminine light purple colouring. Having the popular petite BG-169 as the base model, this is done in a matte finish. Besides, a metallic bezel ring also adds a sparkling touch of elegance.
Baby-G BGA-270S
An almost sheer translucent red resin is used in the band and case, and the vase is finished in a see-through skeleton design. This ‘Colour Skeleton Series’ is definitely perfect for outdoors.
Baby-G BA-110PL
The BA-110PL series feature polarised colours on the markers and dial components that change with the viewing angle. The white and translucent models also have a polarised coating on the case and band for a crystalline glow inspired by the northern lights. Meanwhile, soft pastel accent colours are also combined with the large rugged cases for a visually striking style.

Hesitate no more! Use this list of 15 awesome candy colour watches to find one that you, or someone you care about, will definitely love! 🧡💛🤍

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