Casio CA-500WE-7BDF Heritage Colors Vintage Digital

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Take a step back to 1976 with a timepiece that pays homage to the world’s first multifunctional digital clock, the Casio CQ-1.

The revolutionary CQ-1 — a clock, alarm, stopwatch and calculator all in one — solicited so much affection.

Casio now revives this ’70s design in timepiece form, bringing the original CQ-1 color schemes to a trio of iconic CA-500 models equipped with eight-digit calculator function.

Vintage ’70s flair meets contemporary style for a timepiece as eye-catching as it is nostalgic.


A popular, personal-sized digital clock with innovative functionality. Designed to accommodate people’s daily schedules from the moment they got up in the morning, the CQ-1 featured a unique combination of four functions: time display (clock); time memory (alarm); time measurement (stopwatch); and time calculation (calculator). This memorable product served as the launching pad for the development of subsequent Casio combined-function innovations.

Case size (L× W× H)

43.2 × 34.4 × 8.2 mm


53 g

Case and bezel material

Resin / Chrome plated


Stainless Steel Band
Adjustable Clasp

Water resistance

Water Resistant

Power supply and battery life

Approx. battery life: 5 years on CR2016


Resin Glass

Compatible band size

150 to 205 mm

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