Casio Baby-G BGD-10K-7DR Digital

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Mix, match, make it your own! A brand-new BABY-G + PLUS series to celebrate the 30th anniversary of BABY-G in 2024.

The BGD-10K, a compact digital watch and case holder set, comes with bezel and band that can easily be detached — no need for any special tools. Wear it as a wristwatch or place the center case into the holder, turning the watch into a unique time-telling charm. Hang it from your waist or bag — enjoy the freedom of mixing and matching to suit your mood and outfit each day.

Pop-casual color variations are inspired by the trendy Y2K fashion colors that are back in style. Add stickers to the silicone holder; decorate it your way to really make it your own. Decorate the top and sides of the silicone holder’s acrylic panels to really make it your own.

The LCD on the upper right rotates at 30-second intervals through five retro-style pixel-art animations featuring a cast of characters that includes a dog and cat for an added touch of fun.

Not just amusing, but practical, as well. The BGD-10K also delivers shock-resistant construction, 100-meter water resistance, and plenty of handy functions.

Silicone holder with strap

・Store in cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

・Attaching metal straps may damage strap holes.

・Wrinkle-like patterns may appear on surface due to the manufacturing process that gives the holder its glossy finish.

Decorating the holder

・Adding decoration to the watch itself is not recommended. ・Some stickers may not adhere well to holder.

・Before applying stickers, wipe the holder to remove surface dust, oil, liquid, and other substances.

・Stickers may peel away depending on where on the holder they are placed and how the holder is used.

・Stickers left on the holder for a long period may leave adhesive residue behind.

Case size (L× W× H)

42.8 × 39 × 14.7 mm


33 g

Case and bezel material

Accessory: Special holder with strap


Resin Band


Shock Resistant

Water resistance

100-meter water resistance

Power supply and battery life

Approx. battery life: 3 years on CR1616


Mineral Glass

Compatible band size

125 to 180 mm

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