The Moon: G-Shock GM-2100MG-1A

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The moon captivates, enchants and stirs a longing to adventure into space. Our lunar take on the GM-2100 with its octagonal metal bezel embodies the extraordinary appeal of this very special celestial body.

The GM-2100MG-1A is notable for its gold ion plated textured stainless steel bezel that resembles a moon-like surface. The vapor-filmed dial also resembles the moon, and the watch has a unique moon case back with gold IP.

It appears that the surface of the bezel has a 3D texture to depict the rugged surface and craters of the moon, and that probably explains the higher price in comparison to other GM-2100 models.

Analogue-digital timekeeping comes packed into a no-nonsense simple design without sacrificing G-SHOCK level toughness. High-strength resin material, which is reinforced with carbon fibres, makes it possible to create a case that is a mere 12.1mm thin. It is also shock-resistant and has 200-meter water resistance. In addition, you can set world time from 31 time zones, 48 cities and also set 5 daily alarms.

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