Introducing TYME Smart Watch : TSWC22 Unveiling Next-Gen Tech and Ultimate Performance!

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Elevate your wrist-wear game with the cutting-edge TSWC22 Smart Watch! Powered by the ATS3085 platform and equipped with 4GB of expansive memory, this torch chip-enabled Bluetooth marvel brings a new dimension of smartness to your watch experience.


TYME TSWC22BK-01 Black Colour Smart Watch


  • IP68 Waterproof

Built to withstand various environments, the TSWC22 is rated 3ATM waterproof. Dive into your workouts, outdoor activities, and everyday adventures without hesitation, knowing your smartwatch can handle it all.

  • 400mAh battery capacity

Charging your TSWC22 is a breeze with the 4PIN magnetic charging cable. Say goodbye to tangled cords and fussy charging processes – just snap it on and let the battery come to life.
A 400mAh polymer pure cobalt battery provides the TSWC22 with the endurance to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle. Enjoy extended battery life that keeps you connected and powered throughout your day. *Battery life is based on daily usage. 
  • 4G Memory & Bluetooth 5.0

With a generous 4GB of memory, the TSWC22 offers ample space for storing your favorite apps, music, and more. Say goodbye to limitations and explore the vast possibilities of a smartwatch that's as versatile as you are.
The TSWC22 Smart Watch offers both Bluetooth 3.0 and 5.0 capabilities, ensuring seamless connectivity with your devices. Stay effortlessly linked to your smartphone, headphones, and other accessories for a truly integrated experience.
  • 1.6 inch Large screen
The TSWC22 boasts a 1.6-inch high-definition round screen with a dazzling 400x400 resolution. The G+F capacitive touch TP, powered by Hynitron 816D technology, ensures an immersive and responsive touch experience that effortlessly follows your gestures.
At the heart of the TSWC22 lies the ATS3085 CPU, a powerhouse that fuels the watch's seamless performance. With this cutting-edge processor, you're guaranteed a smooth and responsive experience, whether you're navigating through apps or tracking your health metrics.



  • 24 Sports mode

Equipped with a wide array of 24 sports modes, from running to yoga, skiing to dancing, the TSWC22 Smart Watch supports all your fitness endeavors. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, this watch provides accurate activity tracking to keep you motivated and on track.
  • Heart rate & Blood oxygen test

Equipped with the HRS3605 heart rate sensor, the TSWC22 takes health monitoring to a new level. This low-power, high-definition sensor guarantees precise and accurate heart rate readings, empowering you to stay in tune with your body's signals.
Track your heart health effortlessly with dynamic heart rate trend analysis throughout the day. The watch's advanced sensors ensure you stay informed about your heart's performance. Additionally, the TSWC22 goes beyond by measuring blood oxygen saturation using red and infrared light sensors, providing valuable insights into your overall well-being.
  • Message and Call Alerts & Call rejection

Stay in the loop with message and call alerts from an array of popular platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. Manage your calls easily by rejecting them with a simple click on the hang-up icon.
  • Weather

Customize your WeChat experience and even synchronize your local weather data for constant updates.
  • Watch face

Your style, your watch. With 20 built-in watch faces, 1 custom watch face, and even the option to access a watch face from the cloud server, the TSWC22 lets you tailor its appearance to match your mood and outfit.

Express yourself  with customization

  • Music Storage
  • Anti-Smashing

The future of smartwatches is here, and it's encapsulated within the TSWC22 Smart Watch. Elevate your lifestyle, monitor your health with precision, and enjoy the convenience of extended battery life. Discover the power of ultimate connectivity and performance. Experience the TSWC22 today!

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