G-SHOCK | GA-110CD Series

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Intricate form highlighted by fresh, subtle new colours





The GA-110, known for its large case and mechanical face, is now clad in a new colour dial featuring variations in material and hue across its many parts. The unified colour scheme highlights exquisite differences in nuance, evoking a brand-new expression of the beauty in the watch’s intricate form and wedding on-trend colour with distinctive toughness in design.


Monochromatic dials for a fashionable touch


The dials are finished in unified tones of ice blue and sage green. Varying shades of the same color and different material qualities are used for each individual part, highlighting the form of the mechanical dial and giving it a stylish touch.

Two-tone dial shines with luxury


The intricate dial with its many components boasts a silver and gold bicolour finish. The differences in gold tone used on each part show the attention to detail at the heart of this complex design.

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