Casio Edifice introduces a new timepiece, further expanding its Edifice collection.

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Casio Edifice proudly present a special new line-up inspired by the professional toolkit that holds a special place in every auto lover's heart. The design concept draws from the distinct processes of coating and polishing applied to the metal bezel, resulting in a captivating play of black and silver that gives the watches a robust and durable appearance.
These timepieces boast bold and intricate designs, featuring finely detailed measurement markings and knurling, which pay homage to the specialized tools and instruments that sparked their creation. With their undeniable charm, they truly embody the spirit of the auto enthusiast's lifestyle.
It's a collection that befits the prestigious EDIFICE name, meticulously tailored to cater to the discerning tastes of those who share a passion for automobiles.


  • Three distinct identities that set these trio apart.

Casio Edifice had introduced the ECB-2000TP as the first option, equipped with Smartphone Link and Tough Solar capabilities. Additionally, they have the ECB-10TP, featuring a Smartphone Link and an octagonal bezel, and the EQS-930TL, which boasts a genuine leather band and solar-charging functionality.


  • A case crafted from carbon fiber-reinforced resin, complemented by a suspension arm design.

In resemblance to the suspension system found in formula race cars, the lugs of this timepiece are arranged in a four-arm configuration. The case material incorporates carbon fiber-reinforced resin, providing a combination of durability and lightweight design. As for the band, it is crafted from soft urethane, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.


  • Combining practicality and design sensibility through a striking high-contrast dial

Casio Edifice highlight a high-visibility, high-contrast design, achieved by the prominent white hands and index marks against a black dial.


  • Casio drawing inspiration from the mechanic's toolkit.

Inspired by the professional toolkit utilized by race mechanics, every aspect of this watch embodies the essence of functional beauty, driven by a passionate commitment to performance and aesthetic excellence. The two-tone metal bezel undergoes a meticulous process, starting with an overall application of black IP.

Then, through precision polishing, the top surface is artfully revealed, showcasing the metal's exquisite gleam and imparting the watch with the robustness reminiscent of professional automotive tools and instruments. The bezel-top features detailed measurement markings akin to those found on gauges like vernier calipers, and the design incorporates screw heads, adding a sense of secure attachment.

Finely detailed knurling adorns the bezel's sides, crown, and buttons, reminiscent of the textured handles on professional-grade tools, completing the watch's distinctive and sophisticated appearance.


  • Casio Watches (Smartphone Apps) : Multiple function

Introducing the ECB-10TP-1A and ECB-2000TP-1A, designed to keep users punctual and stylish. These timepieces are equipped with Smartphone Link technology, ensuring precise timekeeping and effortless synchronization with the user's smartphone. By simply downloading the CASIO Watches app and connecting it via Bluetooth® to a compatible smartphone, the watches automatically update to the correct time zone, even in up to 300 cities worldwide.

 Moreover, users can conveniently access their calendars through smartphone link, receiving timer indicator notifications for approaching appointments. The watches boast a range of impressive features, including water resistance up to 100 meters, a remarkable two-year battery life, five independent daily alarms, a 1/1000-second stopwatch, a full auto calendar, auto double LED super illuminator, and a countdown timer, among others. Embodying a perfect blend of functionality and style, the ECB-10TP-1A and ECB-2000TP-1A are the ideal companions for the modern and fashion-forward individuals.

Incorporating the essence of precision engineering and the allure of automotive craftsmanship, the Casio Edifice Automotive Toolkit Inspired Design Series stands as a true testament to the symbiosis of form and function. With meticulous attention to detail, each timepiece captures the spirit of the auto enthusiast's heart. From the carbon fiber-reinforced resin case reminiscent of racing suspension systems to the captivating play of black and silver on the metal bezel, every element pays homage to the artistry of professional tools and instruments. Whether you're tracking time on the racetrack or syncing seamlessly with your smartphone, these watches exude sophistication and practicality, embodying the fast-paced lifestyle of those who revel in the world of automobiles.

The Edifice Automotive Toolkit Inspired Design Series is not just a collection of timepieces; it's a statement of passion, precision, and panache for the modern auto lover. 

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